Our current Board of Directors consists of:

     Anne Rickmeyer        - President
     Paul Rickmeyer         - Vice President
     Heather Kizer             - Treasurer
     Elizabeth D’Imperio    - Secretary
     Krissy Yoder              - Member at Large

Genevieve's Helping Hands, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2013 in memory of Genevieve Louise Sounia following her cancer journey. Our mission is to:

  • Provide grants for recovery stays following cancer surgeries
  • Provide assistance in finding links to cancer fighting resources
  • Promote the passions of Genevieve  of Faith, Family, Friends, Food , and Fitness that were vital to her during her cancer journey

We accomplish our mission through the receipt of donations and fund raising events. To date we have helped many young mothers with grants and many others with information and resources as they journey through this devastating disease.

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Make a Donation

Thank you for donating to Genevieve's Helping Hands!  Your donation will go towards creating more Genevieve Memorial Breast Cancer Recovery Grants and help provide assistance to help young women find needed resources.

All copies of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen have a bookplate signed by Rebecca Katz, the author.

If you choose you may purchase a cookbook for one of our Grant Recipients. Iit will be mailed to them by Genevieve's Helping Hands. You may contact Genevieve's Helping Hands to receive some information about the recipient and compose your own dedication which will be  written on a facing Dedication Plate. The dedication may simply read "From a Friend of Genevieve's Helping Hands" or "From your namea friend of Genevieve's Helping Hands". If you are purchasing a cookbook for yourself the Dedication Plate will be blank and may be filled in by yourself if you may be giving it to a friend.

Please include your name and address if the cookbook is to be mailed to you and so that we may thank you.

$37.00  includes free shipping 

Contact  Information

     Mail To:

     Genevieve's Helping Hands, Inc.

     c/o Rickmeyer

     263 Division Ave

     Hicksville, NY  11801

      Telephone: 516-500-3702

      e-mail: mail@genshelpinghands.org