Peer Support Matches - Telephone Hotlines

Many organizations offer  Breast Cancer Hotline telephone numbers where you can speak to a trained volunteer.  Matches can be made on cancer subtype or a number of others factors, such as type of metastases, young children, etc.

Call 866-891-2392

‚ÄčLiving Beyond Breast Cancer - LBBC

LBBC volunteers answer the Survivor's Helpline from 9AM-9PM EST.  All other calls are answered within 24 hours. 888-753-5222

Facebook Groups

SUPPORT CONNECTION, INC. - Meets the first Monday of each month at 8:PM.  This group is for women living with metastatic breast cancer and allows women to share their concerns and support one another. Call in advance to register at:

800-532-4290 or register at

Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance

Metastatic (Stage IV) Resources